AAP has turned 50!

AAP has been rescuing animals for 50 years now, and continues to campaign for better laws and regulations throughout Europe.
We will do so until all exotic animals are allowed to be ‘animals’ again.

Half a century of AAP

This year marks AAP’s 50th anniversary! We are very happy and proud to have been able to provide a better future for thousands of animals over the past 50 years. Without the help of our loyal donors and animal friends in both the Netherlands and across Europe, this would not have been possible. We would like to thank everyone for their unconditional support.

We can look back on what we have achieved together with great pride. And, above all, we are confident we will manage the work that lies ahead. After all, our work is still essential. Lions, monkeys and other exotic mammals are still victims of abuse by circuses, the illegal trade or private persons.

To achieve AAP’s goal of ending the suffering of exotic animals in Europe, new legislation is necessary. This involves a long process which, despite the support of the general public, is often difficult and the results are not guaranteed. However, AAP will continue to tirelessly speak up for exotic animals and take care of them with love. As long as it takes. Even if it takes us another 50 years.

Lion Reza

Lion Reza has been treated terribly for 13 years as he was locked up in an old truck. His time in the circus was up and this was his new fate. The king of the savannah, slowly dying in a tiny confined space. AAP rescued Reza from this hopeless situation in 2015.

Chimpanzee Linda

Chimpanzee Linda was taken from her mother when she was a baby and then smuggled into Spain. She was forced to take pictures with tourists whilst wearing tight clothes. When Linda grew bigger and began to protest, she was locked up in a small shed.

Tigers Poland

Ten tigers were found on a horrendous transport to Russia in 2019.
The animals came from an Italian circus and were transported in terrible conditions.
They were locked in tiny boxes for over a week.

Lion Govani

Govani used to work for a Spanish circus and was left behind in a filthy cage. He was very weak and had wounds all over his body. His nails had been pulled out, his teeth had been knocked out, and because of all the stress he had to endure, he had bitten off a piece of his own tail..

Chimpanzee Marria

Marria was just a baby when she was snatched from the wild in Guinea-Bissau, Africa. Away from her family in one fell swoop... She was then illegally trafficked to Europe and ended up with a Portuguese family. Here she was raised as a human child.

Tiger Suzu

Tiger Suzu was rescued from an illegal breeding farm in France where he was trained to work in the circus. Suzu was locked up all alone in a small cage with a concrete floor. He had no food, no water and nothing to occupy himself with.
The first time in an outside enclosure
Soon after the first week of their recovery, a wonderful moment follows for a lot of animals at AAP: the first time stepping into an outside enclosure. A special moment for most of them, since it's the first time they are able to feel the soft ground onder their paws or feel the warm sun shine on their bodies.

This is what we were able to achieve
in 50 years time

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by AAP
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European countries have a (partial) ban on wild animals in circuses
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