AAP Spain

The rescue centre of AAP in Spain

AAP’s Spanish rescue centre is located in the south of the country. In 2009 the location opened its doors to the first chimpanzees, primates and other monkey species. Since 2016 AAP Spain also takes in big cats. To make this possible, special facilities were built for lions, tigers and other big cats.

The rescue centre is located in Villena, near Alicante, at the foot of the Sierra de Salinas. This is a beautiful area, suitable for taking in monkeys, primates and big cats. Some of the residents are very difficult or impossible to rehome and can enjoy their old age here in the Spanish sun.

Over the last few years AAP Spain has developed into a fully fledged CITES recognized rescue centre. Because AAP Spain has its own quarantine, all steps of the process can be completed on-site. In 2019 AAP Spain was appointed an official NGO partner of ‘the National Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking’ in Spain, a significant milestone.
First Big Cats
Lion Reza was one of the first big cats that AAP had brought to the rescue centre in Spain.
Watch the video of the rescue here.

Visiting AAP Spain

Did you know that it is also possible to sign up for a tour at our rescue centre in Spain? A good option when you are on holiday in the Alicante region.

Pictures of AAP Spain