Japanese macaque

Abandoned in a zoo

When the Japanese macaque Hiroshi came to us in Almere, he was in a heartbreakingly bad state. He was very skinny, incredibly weak and half bald. He had inflammations, a double inguinal hernia and a deformed spine.

All alone, he was locked up in a zoo in Lanzarote that appeared to have been closed for three years. The other animals had been relocated, but Hiroshi was apparently no longer worth saving.

He was left to die alone.

In a worrying condition

The fact that Hiroshi did not die immediately was thanks to people from the village who brought food. Even though he sometimes got food, Hiroshi was in very bad shape.

A fantastic new life

Meanwhile, Hiroshi is doing well. He’s moving well, has become a lot stronger and has a gorgeous full coat. He’s also gained a lot of weight. He now weighs almost 15 kilo! And the best news is that Hiroshi doesn’t have to be lonely anymore. At AAP he got company from Hans, a fellow macaque.

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Japanese macaque Hiroshi.