Marley and Elsa

Sold as cubs online

When Marley and Elsa had barely seen the light of day, they were snatched away from their mother. The two cubs were then put up for sale on the Internet. Eventually they were sold to the highest bidder and ended up with an owner in Germany.

Here they were put away in a small room. The two enterprising cubs were clearly not amused and quickly managed to escape. Bystanders found the terrified youngsters and called in the help of the fire department. The authorities soon got wind of the situation. The owner turned out not to have the right papers, after which Marley and Elsa were confiscated. After a detour via the zoo of Magdeburg, Germany, Marley and Elsa were brought to AAP Primadomus, our rescue centre in Spain, not much later.

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Going outside!
The first period at AAP, Marley and Elsa stayed in a special care unit, where the two could quietly get used to their new home. After that they were given access to their spacious outdoor enclosure.