AAP rescues last tiger from closed zoo just before Christmas

Last Friday, we finally got the chance to take action for tigress Luli. After being rented out for circus shows and other cruel entertainment for years, her owner loaned the animal to Spain’s Parque de Peña Escrita almost ten years ago. However, due to lack of funding, the park had to close down in 2015, after which most of the animals were outplaced to rescue centres and zoos. Luli was unlucky: her owner refused to give her up. In February this year, the park finally arranged ownership of the 15-year-old tiger to make her rescue possible. Then, due to the Covid-19 limitations, we had to wait to get Luli to our specialized rescue centre AAP Primadomus. There, she will hopefully spend a few more healthy years in peace and quiet.

This brings an end to this tiger’s life as a plaything of the wildlife trade. She was born in 2005 in a Spanish zoo, but ended up in the hands of a circus company. What Luli had to endure is unknown. Presumably the cost of her care became too high and she was loaned to Peña Escrita. There she shared her enclosure with a male tiger, who died in 2017. In the coming days, the team of specialists from AAP will do the necessary medical checks and Luli will start her rehabilitation after the Christmas holidays.

After the closure of Peña Escrita, AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection was very involved in the rescue of the animals. Of the 89 exotic animals that were there, AAP offered space for no fewer than 27 animals in 2017. In October 2019 we were also able to provide room for the last group of Barbary macaques that was stationed at Peña Escrita. In collaboration with the Spanish FAADA foundation, we also try to find a suitable place for the very last animals. Now that the tiger has been rescued, there are a few more emus, a couple of Barbary sheep, an oryx, and a bear. This operation of many years, in terms of numbers one of the largest in the history of AAP, is now almost completed.

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