Black leopard Bono saved from being a pet

AAP brought a black leopard to its Spanish rescue center on Monday December 6. Bono, a three year old male, was illegally kept as a pet in Latvia. He had to spend his days in a small apartment in Riga. To make him less dangerous, the tips of his toes were amputated. Not just an illegal way to remove the claws, but also very cruel…

The animal was confiscated by the police earlier and temporarily housed in Riga Zoo. As soon as the legal proceedings against the owners allowed this, AAP offered to accommodate Bono in our specialized big cat center in Spain. On Saturday December 4, the beautiful black leopard could finally be picked up. After two days of travel, the AAP team arrived with Bono at our rescue center on Monday afternoon.

AAP vet Robert performs a medical check-up at leopard Bono at Riga Zoo.

Quarantine and Rehabilitation

At AAP, Bono will first go into quarantine where his rehabilitation starts. During that period, Bono will be examined and the best approach for his recovery will be determined by our team of veterinarians and behaviorists.

Support Bono in his recovery

We are determined to give Bono the future he deserves. A future in which he is lovingly cared for and given the peace and space he needs. Help with a donation.

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