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Erik Peeters remains director of AAP after David van Gennep steps down    

David van Gennep recently announced that he will step down as director of AAP later this year. After careful consideration, the Supervisory Board has decided not to seek a new director to succeed him. Erik Peeters, Operational Director since 2009 and joint Managing Director with David for a year, will therefore take over as director from 4 October.

Much of David van Gennep’s work will now be shared among the members of the Management Team. Some tasks, such as his role on the board of Eurogroup for Animals, will remain with David for the time being. We are also delighted that David, who has been at the helm of AAP for 33 years, will continue to use his vast experience and expertise as a consultant to help create a better future for exotic animals in need.

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It is a new phase that AAP is entering,” said Ed Nijpels, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “David has often been the face of the organisation over the past decades, but he has only been able to do so because of the rock-solid team behind him. This team will soon continue his work under the leadership of Erik. We are convinced that AAP will continue to achieve a lot for exotic animals in the Netherlands and beyond. It is great that David wants to stay involved and continue to share his knowledge and insight where needed!”

"Together with everyone who supports us, we will continue to put our heart and soul into achieving our goals.”

A new era also begins for Erik Peeters. “In almost 15 years at AAP, I have been able to shape AAP’s ambitions together with David and the Management Team. In recent years, we have worked towards an organisation that stands very firmly on its own two feet and where responsibilities are well distributed. I look forward to working with the MT and all the staff and volunteers to build on AAP’s success. Our work on behalf of exotic animals in need is far from over, and together with everyone who supports us, we will continue to put our heart and soul into achieving our goals.

David en Erik

David will be stepping down on 4 October, World Animal Day. Donors and other involved partners will of course still have the opportunity to say goodbye to David.

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