Group of animals from Ukraine soon to AAP

Because of the war in Ukraine it is now very unsafe for both humans and animals. However, a number of brave employees at a wildlife sanctuary near Kiev decided to make an effort to rescue their most vulnerable animals. Despite many setbacks and dangers, they managed to bring the animals safely across the Polish border after two days. Among them six young lions, several tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog. The lions were previously rescued from appalling conditions. One was kept in a small cage in a shopping centre, another lion was kept in an apartment and a third was rescued from a zoo where cubs can be cuddled.

The animals have now arrived at our partner Poznań Zoo, where they can rest from the stressful, dangerous journey. AAP had already agreed to take in four of the lions and the African wild dog in our Spanish rescue centre later this year. Due to the war, that operation has now been accelerated to prevent the animals from being left behind.

The young lions, named Gyz, Flori, Kiara and Nila, and the African wild dog Zair will be brought to AAP Spain next week. The other two lions are going to a Belgian partner of AAP. The remaining animals will also get a safe new home. To be continued…
Some of the young lions resting at Poznań Zoo.

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