Petition: AAP wants EU Positive List for exotic pets

Our call to the European Union: develop an EU Positive List and prevent unsuitable pets from entering European households!

In many European countries, it is completely legal to have a spider monkey, serval, baboon or cougar as a pet. The European Union is one of the largest markets for exotic pets in the world; there are millions of exotic animals in European households.

The exotic pet trade is a booming business, but it involves animal suffering and risks for humans (disease transmission or injury) and the environment (decreased biodiversity). This unregulated trade and the risks associated with it do not stop at national borders. This means that although national regulation of the exotic pet trade by means of the Positive List is a very important step, the ultimate solution must be sought at EU level. An EU Positive List, which indicates which species are safe and suitable for keeping as pets and automatically bans all other animal species, is the necessary final piece to properly and effectively regulate the exotic pet trade.


AAP Animal Advocacy & Protection and the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals have therefore submitted a joint petition to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. With this we call on the EU to develop an EU Positive List. The European Parliament will consider the petition if it receives at least 2000 statements of support through their website. That’s why we need your help! Do you also find it unacceptable that millions of exotic pets are wasted in European households where they do not belong? Are you also concerned about the risks that the unregulated exotic pet trade poses to animal, human and environmental health? Then sign our petition for an EU Positive List now and help us get this topic on the agenda of the European Parliament.

Signing on the website of the European Parliament

With the step-by-step plan below, we make signing as easy as possible. This takes less than 10 minutes. We hope you will make this time available for the animals as your signing can mean the difference between living in the wild and living in a cage for them!

Step 1: Click this link to access the petition on the website of the European Parliament. You first have to create an account before being able to sign the petition. To do so, please click ‘register’ and fill in the required fields.

Step 2: Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Please click the link in the email to finalize your registration.

Step 3: Go the website of the European Parliament using this link and log in. Then click ‘support a petition’. Type ‘0786/2020’ in the search field and click ‘search’. Click on the title of the petition. At the bottom of the page, click ‘support this petition’. In the next screen, click ‘support’.  

On behalf of the animals, thank you very much

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