Primate Department

Optimal rest for primates

Primates are social animals, or group animals. However, the animals that arrive here often still have a lot to learn (and unlearn)! We therefore house them in groups, where they can pick up a lot from each other. The primate house is fully equipped for this resocialization process.

The building contains several wings. This allows animals to be grouped together in several places at the same time, without disturbing the other introductions. In this way we ensure optimal peace and quiet for the animals, making the merging process as smooth as possible. The building is also located in such a way that the animals can get maximum benefit from the sun and daylight in the outdoor enclosures.

The caretakers regularly surprise the animals in the primate house with enrichment. These include simple food puzzles, in which the animals have to do their best to obtain the ‘prize’ in the puzzle, such as grains, almonds, sunflower seeds or other foods they love. These puzzles simulate and stimulate the behavior that an animal would exhibit in the wild.

Learning the primate rules

Once a stable group has been formed, AAP will look for a new, permanent home for the animals. Until that time, they get a spot on our Primate Islands.

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