Rescue operation!

A safe place
for animals from Ukraine

AAP offers safe space to animals rescued from Ukraine

On March 1st 2022, a few brave staff members of Wild Animal Rescue, a rescue centre for wild animals near Kyiv, decided to make an ultimate attempt at taking their most vulnerable animals out of Ukraine and bringing them to safety.

Six young lions, several tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog were loaded in a truck destined for the safety of the border. According to reports, the drivers were held at gunpoint by Russian soldiers, but refused to abandon their animals. After two days of horrors and danger, the rescuers finally managed to get the animals safely across the Polish border…

The animals were first brought to our partner Poznań Zoo. Here, they could temporarily rest and recover from the exhausting and dangerous journey.

Young male Gyz on his way from Ukraine to Poland.

AAP had previously agreed to take in four of the lions and the African wild dog later at our Spanish rescue center. Because of the war violence and in order to prevent the animals from being abandoned, the operation had to be completed with top priority. We are extremely grateful that the animals have been taken to safety!

Four young lions, named Gyz, Flori, Kiara and Nila, and the African wild dog Zair are now at AAP. The two other lions have been taken in by a Belgian partner of AAP. Of course, we will make sure that the other animals are also brought to a good place at one of our partners.

Zair, the African wild dog who is saved from Ukraine and is coming to AAP

Do you want to help these animals?

Since the transport and daily care of these animals is extremely expensive, we could really use your help.
The care of one lion costs about 75 euros per day. This includes medical care, food and housing. For African wild dog Zair, the daily shelter fee is 35 euros. In total, the care for Gyz, Flori, Kiara, Nila and Zair during the first three months amounts to around 30,000 euros… We are determined to give these traumatised animals the care they deserve. Do you want to help too? Then donate an amount of your choice using the button below.