AAP picks up three chimpanzees
from a circus in France.

Congo, Tino and Yimmy safely brought to AAP

AAP has rescued three chimpanzees from a circus in France. The three animals (Congo, Tino and Yimmy) had to perform tricks there for years. Although the animals had not been performing for some time, they were still staying with the circus family. Hardly an ideal place for a chimpanzee! Fortunately, the authorities stepped in and the circus owners had to take the animals to a suitable location. After months of negotiations, AAP could finally take action to give the animals a better life.

On Wednesday June 16, 2021 we picked up Congo, Tino and Yimmy and brought them to AAP in Almere. Here they will first go into quarantine for three months, so that we can be sure that they are not carrying any contagious diseases.


Taking care of the animals is enormously expensive. The care of one chimpanzee costs more than 51,- per day. This includes costs for food, medical care and accommodation. This comes down to 13,000 euros to care for the three animals the first three months.

Here we are fully dependent on donations from people like you.

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Congo in his cage at the circus.

Watch the video of the rescue

More about the animals
Chimpanzee Congo is the oldest of the three. He is very calm and seems at ease in AAP's quarantine.
In the case of chimpanzee Tino it became immediately clear that he was quite overweight. We suspect that he was not always given healthy food by the circus owners.
Chimpanzee Yimmy is the youngest of the three animals and this is evident in his behavior. He is very playful and always looks happy.
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Pictures of the rescue