The Primate Islands

Islands with various enclosures

Once groups of animals are formed, they need a little more space and are outplaced. Until that time, they can stay on the Monkey Islands.

The Monkey Islands are, as the name suggests, four lavish islands on which several enclosures have been created. The outdoor areas are green, spacious and equipped with all kinds of climbing features. So there is plenty to do! The Monkey Islands are therefore not only an interim stop for groups awaiting outplacement, but are also used for groups for which it is difficult to find a new home. There is enough space here to house monkeys for a long time. Another important function of the Monkey Islands is education. A deck allows the public to walk between the islands to get a closer look at the monkeys.

We house changing groups of animals such as Barbary macaques, Llamong macaques, Mantel baboons, Green baboons and Rhesus macaques. All the islands are designed in such a way that they can serve as one large or two smaller enclosures. This way there is room for up to eight different groups on the islands.

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