Tigers rescued
from horror transport

A new future for former circus tigers

Ten tigers were seized at the border between Poland and Belarus in late October 2019. They were on their way from a circus near Rome to Russia in appalling conditions. For one tiger, help unfortunately came too late.

The animals were on their way to Russia from an Italian circus. The tigers were in far too small crates and only half were fed. At the border between Poland and Belarus the horror transport came to an end after more than a week. The transport was not allowed to continue because the paperwork was not in order. One tiger turned out to be dead. That same evening the tigers were temporarily taken in by the zoo in Poznań, Poland, a partner of AAP.

AAP has taken in five tigers, Aqua, Sanson, Merida, Softi and Toph at AAP Primadomus, our rescue centre in Spain. The other 4 tigers can stay in good zoos in Poland.

Make a difference with a contribution

Care and accomodation of one tiger costs €75.84 per day. This is for food, care and shelter. That adds up to €138,408 per year. These five beautiful animals depend on donations from people like you.