AAP is working
towards a better future
for exotic mammals

In Europe, millions of animals, such as primates, tigers and lions, are kept as pets, traded illegally or used in circuses and other forms of entertainment. This causes an unimaginable amount of animal suffering and AAP believes this must stop! AAP is determined to achieve her ultimate goal; put an end to the suffering of exotic animals in Europe!

We tackle the problem preventively and at the source, because preventing animal suffering ultimately means fewer animals on the waiting list that need to be rescued and taken care of.

Our approach

AAP advocates across Europe for better laws and regulations to prevent animal suffering.

Animals in our centre

AAP takes in exotic animals in distress and we make sure they mentally and physically get better.

Focus areas

Serval Xirus did not receive the correct care as a pet
Chimpanzee Linda was smuggled out of the wild
Lion Govani was seriously neglected in a circus