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This information is meant for those curators and animal managers of zoos, permanent care sanctuaries, safari parks, and wildlife parks that are searching for a responsible way to manage their animal collections. Safe. Sympathetic. Professional.

For our animals, after recovery at our rescue center in The Netherlands (Almere) or Spain (Villena), outplacement is of utmost importance to ensure a permanent home which provides safe conditions to experience animal life as it should be.

Offering a home for rescued animals can have many benefits. It is not only about the emotional desire to care for those in need and to spread respect for animals and their natural environment world wide. It is also about business: attraction value, visitor numbers. Biologically speaking, their genetics could be valuable.

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We are in contact with hundreds of animal parks in Europe.
Of course, we only outplace animals in parks that can guarantee
good accommodation and care for our animals.

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