Two new members joined the Supervisory Board

Monique de Vries recently said goodbye to our Supervisory Board after three terms. We are very grateful to Monique for all those years in which she assisted AAP with her sharp eye, strategic insight and her view on organizational culture and staff. As she was mainly responsible for Animal Welfare, the board looked for suitable replacement. We found that expertise in animal behaviour expert Heleen van de Weerd (LinkedIn). Heleen has attended her first formal meeting of the board of AAP and we look forward to an instructive and long-term cooperation.

We also looked for reinforcements for our Supervisory Board in the field of legislation and policy matters. We found an excellent candidate in Raquel García Hermida-van der Walle (LinkedIn), who previously held the position of Head of Public Policy at AAP for more than 6.5 years. Her drive and expertise will undoubtedly help AAP in our efforts to improve animal welfare legislation – both in the Netherlands and at European level.

Heleen van de Weerd
Raquel García Hermida-van der Walle

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