Report animal cruelty

AAP takes in exotic mammals from all over Europe. We find it important that animal cruelty and animal abuse is reported to the right authorities, so action can be taken as quickly as possible.

You can report animal cruelty on the internet and social media, in the Netherlands or in Europa to AAP. You can also report animal cruelty outside Europa to our international partners.
Animal cruelty on the internet and social media
Regularly online ads are placed in which a monkey is for sale or you see videos of animal suffering and animal abuse on social media. Read here what you can do.

animal cruelty
in the Netherlands

Are you a witness to animal cruelty or animal abuse in the Netherlands? Then you can report it to the dierenpolitie (animal police) via 144 (red een dier - save an animal).

Animal cruelty
in Europe

Have you witnessed animal cruelty in a European country (excluding the Netherlands)? We would like to report this to the appropriate authorities or animal protection organizations.

Animal cruelty
outside of Europe

Are you witnessing animal cruelty outside of Europe? You can report the animal cruelty to an animal welfare and protection organization
working in the country concerned.